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Fresco’s Delicious Bocconcini – Award-Winning Quality You’ll Love

Fresco’s Italian-style bocconcini cheese is a multi-award winner, and amongst the best quality bocconcini balls available on the Australian market. Reigning from the pasta filata (stretched curd) family of cheeses, bocconcini cheese is a style of fresh, high moisture mozzarella. It has a light, bouncy texture, and comes in small round shapes – in fact, Bocconcini is Italian for “Small Mouthfuls”. They are fantastic sliced or whole in caprese salads, pizzas, pasta, and antipasto platters.

Mozzarella was one of the first cheeses Fresco started making back in 1987. We use over 30 years of experience to deliver a high-quality, Australian-made product to our customers.

Photo of Bocconcini Cheese from Fresco | featured image for Home.

Fresco Bocconcini Cheese won a Silver Medal at the 2020 DIAA Australia Awards.

Australian Dairy Product competition 2020 silver medal | Featured image for Paneer.


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FAQs About Fresco Bocconcini Balls

Made in Australia, from Australian Cow’s Milk, Fresco Bocconcini has a mild, milky flavour which makes it perfect as a base for many dishes, accentuating the taste of other ingredients.

A common use of bocconcini is in the caprese salad, a simple, traditional Italian salad featuring basil, tomato and delicious bocconcini, often seasoned with only salt and olive oil. This classic bocconcini recipe is a taste sensation made in minutes with only a few ingredients, however it’s only the start of what can be achieved with the product, as it is also perfect on pizza or stirred through pasta.

High in protein (20.8g per 100g) and low in sodium and fat compared with other cheeses, Bocconcini is incredibly healthy. Fresco bocconcini has a 5-star health rating! Because it’s so delicious and healthy, you can literally eat it right out of the tub for a high protein snack.

Fresco’s traditional Italian-style bocconcini is made by our artisan cheesemakers in our purpose-built cheese factory in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Generations of cheesemaking experience go into every batch!

You can purchase Fresco Bocconcini anywhere in Australia. If you’re a restaurant or café owner (we’re looking at you, Italian restaurants) then speak to your preferred wholesaler about stocking Fresco. You can also drop us a line and we will help get you what you need. If you’re a home cook looking to make bocconcini recipes, you can find us in your local retailer – just find out here. You can also buy bocconcini directly from us at our cheese factory shop on the Gold Coast. If you are looking to buy bocconcini wholesale, you can buy cheese in bulk from us too. Simply submit a business enquiry.

The end result is that Fresco is the preferred choice by discerning master chefs and home cooks alike.

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