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Australia’s Best Haloumi Revealed!

Australia’s Best Haloumi Revealed! DIAA Gold Medallist and Best in Class The word is out!!
Fresco Haloumi was judged the BEST IN AUSTRALIA at the 2019 DIAA Awards Australia. We received…

Haloumi salad Fresco Cheese | featured image for Home.

What is Haloumi?

What is Haloumi? Haloumi in Australia Haloumi is a Cypriot style cheese traditionally made with goat and sheep milk. In Australia, it is typically made with cow’s milk. It has…

Haloumi Fresco Cheese in an avocado salad | featured image for Home.

Cheese and The Mediterranean Diet

Cheese and The Mediterranean Diet Cheese is part of a healthy lifestyle! Mediterranean Cheese and the Mediterranean Diet Mediterranean style cheeses landed in Australia with the massive influx of Greeks…

Photo of blue domed white building in the Mediterranean | featured image for Cheese and the Mediterranean Diet.
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