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Cheese Terminology – a Beginners Guide

Cheese is one of the most beloved foods in the world, with many people developing cravings that are hard to knock. Whether it’s the taste, the multitude of variety that’s available, or the fact that it’s so accessible wherever we go, there’s just something about cheese. There is a whole world of cheese that you’re yet to open yourself up to, and if you’re on the path to becoming a cheese connoisseur of sorts, cheese terminology is important to understand.

In this blog, we’ll provide a thorough, yet brief cheese glossary for those who are just starting out on their journey to becoming an enthusiast, offering some of the most commonly used terms that are utilised universally.

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A Guide to Cheese Terminology

There are a multitude of ways to describe and talk about cheese, from it’s texture, taste, production, milk-type, and even its place of origin. Although each variety of cheese can differ to the next, cheese in it’s own family can be so vastly different, including it’s production country, ageing time and process, and so much more. For a cheese glossary that is going to help you understand this vastly developing community, continue reading our list of common terms below.


Annatto is a dye that is sometimes used to enhance or add colour to cheeses.


The aroma of cheese is its smell and/or scent profile.


Bacteria are microorganisms that help to produce cheese.


Blooming is when moisture is added back into a cheese that has otherwise been dried out.


Brevibacterium is a bacteria that is used as a flavour enhancer, which also helps to produce cheese and gives cheese its flavour.


Butterfat is the fat that is found in milk and cream, to which they are sold in accordance with their percentage of butterfat.


Cheddaring describes a process where curd is cut into blocks, and then turned and stacked at the bottom of the vat every 15 minutes for about 90 minutes.


Another word for the maturing, ripening, or aging of cheeses. This can also include the process where they are dried with preservation techniques adopted such as salting or smoking.


Holes in the body of cheeses that are typically a spherical shape and equally spaced. These eyes are created by bacterial activity that generates propionic acid which causes gas to expand within the curd.

Fresh Cheese

This is referring to cheeses that do not have a ripening period before being served, such as cottage cheese, cream cheese and ricotta which you can find through our Fresco – cheese wholesale Brisbane locals and restaurant owners love.


Soft and semi-soft cheeses are often described as having a mushroom-like flavour or aroma, more so cheese such as brie and camembert.


This refers to the outer layer of a cheese, which can be presented in many textures, colours, and flavours. Rind is generally edible unless it is made of wax.


A bacterial culture which produces lactic acid.

Washed Rind Cheeses

This process keeps a cheese moist and supple, with some of the most pungent yet tasty cheeses going through a rind wash. Washing rind can be done with salt water, or even brandy which generally alters the final flavour compound.

Having a better understanding of cheeses and cheese terminology will give you a great head start into the world of cheese. At Fresco, we provide a wide variety of cheeses not only for restaurants and retail, but for those simply wanting to purchase a good, hardy cheese for their refrigerator. We source 100% of our milk from local, Australian farmers, ensuring you get the very best quality product.

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