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What is Bocconcini Cheese? Origins & Process

What type of cheese is Bocconcini? Meaning “little mouthful”, these small balls of mozzarella first originated in Naples, Italy, made predominantly from the milk of water buffalos. They’re soft, delectable, and absorb flavours making them the perfect cheese for incorporating into any meal. What is Bocconcini cheese actually made from? Nowadays, Bocconcini is made from a mix of both cows milk and water buffalo milk, giving it more of a mild flavour in comparison to the mozzarella we all know.

The word “bocconcini” is derived from the Italian word “boccone,” meaning mouthful or morsel. They were also named after their little rounded appearance, much like a single serving of meatballs which is sometimes called “bocconcino” throughout Italy. The traditional method in which this cheese is made still stands true throughout Naples, Caserta, and Salerno and at Fresco Cheese, we have adopted this same technique. Let’s break down exactly what is Bocconcini cheese.

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What is Bocconcini Made From?

To make Bocconcini, the cow or buffalo milk needs to be coagulated before it can be stretched into curds. Rennet is used to bring about the release of plasmin, which breaks down protein and causes the formation of curds. The whey is then expelled from the solidifying curd through tiny holes in a cheese cloth or mesh strainer. This step in the cheese making process is known as syneresis.

The next step, pressing, compresses the curd together and pushes out more whey. This produces a firmer cheese; Bocconcini are made to be relatively soft. Finally, once pressed, they are either molded into their final shape or cured before moving onto the aging (maturing) stage.

Common Uses for Bocconcini

What type of cheese is Bocconcini? Bocconcini is a type of mozzarella. This makes the cheese extremely diverse for a number of meals. You can have Bocconcini with a myriad of Italian based dishes including appetizers like salad, pasta, lasagna, and bruschetta. The cheese is excellent for cooking due to its high moisture content, which helps it melt more easily. It may also be eaten as-is with a sprinkle of salt and pepper on top.

If you are looking for something more traditional to an Italian styled dish, try making a Caprese salad. Cut cherry sized Bocconcini balls in half and layer up with fresh basil leaves (don’t skimp on the freshness) and a splash of olive oil.

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