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What is Ricotta Cheese?

Ricotta is an Italian cheese that has been adopted by cuisines worldwide. The word translates to recooked in Italian, the country of origin, as it’s cooked twice. Ricotta is a versatile cheese that can be used in sweet or savoury dishes. But what is ricotta and what are its origins?

Ricotta is believed to have been an invention of the Italian countryside, a direct result of travellers cooking in big kettles over open fires. Ricotta cheese has been known to be invented in Sicily, however during the Arab-Sicilian era in the 9th century. On this Italian island, it’s known by the name zammataru, which means ‘dairy farmer’ in Sicilian. This word is derived from the Arabic word za’ama. Ricotta is eaten at fests to honour fertility in Italy’s Calabria region.

If you’re still wondering ‘what is ricotta?’ read on to see what it’s made from, how it’s made, and some common uses for ricotta cheese.

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What is Ricotta Cheese Made From

Commonly, fresh ricotta cheese can be made from cow’s milk. However, it can also be made from goat, sheep, and water buffalo milk. Ricotta is made from whey, the liquid left over from the cheese-making process of other cheeses. The whey is heated until it forms curds, which are then strained and pressed to form the final product.

How is Ricotta Made

Ricotta is a result of Italian frugality, where no food goes to waste. So if you’re wondering exactly what is ricotta and is it a cheese? Of sorts, it is a cheese. It’s a cheese by-product made from whey, the liquid leftover from making other types of cheese such as provolone. Ricotta took its name from how it’s made, so “recooked” in Italian is ricotta, and that’s exactly how this cheese is made. The whey is heated until the curds and whey separate, and then the curds are cooked again to create ricotta.

Traditional ricotta should not be salty, rather it should have a creamy consistency, rich milky flavours, and sweetness. Fresco Cheese uses an authentic method of making ricotta in the traditional way. Our handmade process involves heating the milk until the curds and whey separate and using the whey to create ricotta. This gives our ricotta a smooth, creamy texture and a slightly sweet flavour. No matter how you enjoy it, Fresco Cheese’s ricotta will make your dish even more delicious.

Common Uses of Ricotta

Ricotta is a delicious and versatile cheese that can be used in a variety of dishes. It’s commonly used in savoury dishes such as lasagne, stuffed shells, and other Italian dishes, but it can also be used in sweet recipes like cheesecake and cannoli.

Whether it’s used on a breakfast dish like on toast topped with fruit and honey, or for dinner served in a calzone, ricotta can be enjoyed in many ways. If you’re looking for a healthy option to replace higher-fat cheeses, or simply want to enjoy the creamy taste and texture, ricotta is a great cheese to keep on hand, so why not source it from our cheese factory?

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We hope this blog about what is ricotta has inspired you to create a dish or two with this delicious delicacy. Buy ricotta through our factory shop or find the nearest retail stockist. Get in touch online for more information on our wide range of cheese products.

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