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What to Do With Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a delicious, salty delicacy loved and enjoyed by so many people right across the globe. Its completely diverse makeup means it can be used throughout a number of dishes, adding depth and richness every time. If you’re a fan of this creamy delight, but you’ve wondered what to do with feta cheese instead of incorporating it into your salads, we’ve got the answers.

Feta cheese doesn’t have to be banished to savoury dishes alone, it’s the perfect cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we’ve gathered the most common and uncommon uses, giving you the opportunity to get more out of your geta every time.

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How to Use Feta Cheese

Feta for Breakfast

Feta cheese is actually the perfect addition to any breakfast dish, bringing out the flavour while being a light accompaniment. Its saltiness also works really well with eggs, whether scrambled, poached, or sunny-side up – however you like them. Feta cheese is also extremely delicious when incorporated into omelets and frittatas, giving you that extra creaminess and texture you’ll be craving every time. If you want to get really creative with how to use feta, try using it as a filling for breakfast pastries like danishes and turnovers. You will never look back!

Add Feta to Appetisers

Feta is also commonly used as an appetiser, whether it’s being served on its own or as part of a larger dish. If you enjoy finger food, or you’re wanting something different on your platter than the general crackers and dip, mini feta and herb tarts are sure to win the show. Another mouth-watering appetiser is a watermelon and feta salad skewer – this is where you’d use more of a firm feta so that it can hug the skewer perfectly without crumbling. Still not sold on what to do with feta? Baked feta bites will become a favourite option for every get together with friends or family.

Elevate Your Desserts

Yes, you read that right! Feta cheese can actually be used in sweet dishes, too. If you’ve never tried feta in a dessert, we recommend looking for a delectable feta and honey cheesecake recipe to stun even the fussiest of eaters. Not only is it extremely light in flavour, but it incorporates two much loved ingredients that we’re confident your friends and family are going to drool over. Want something even lighter? Figs and feta are a match made in heaven, which is why you should try fig and feta tarts for something simple.

Beverages with Feta

If you enjoy those things in life that are a little out of the ordinary, or you simply want to try something you’ve never had or heard of before, then consider adding some feta to your beverages. Yep… There is such thing as feta cocktails. If you love a cheeky martini, then we want you to give a feta martini a try. Paired with feta stuffed olives, it’s the perfect drink for those times you just want something different. This delicious drink incorporates salted feta brine, vodka, and dry vermouth.

When adding feta to any of your dishes, savoury or sweet, it’s best to use only the highest of quality feta for a stunning outcome. Because there is an array of different textures of feta on the market, you have the optimal choice to choose the best feta for your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. From crumbly feta, firm feta, to the unmatched creamy mild feta, knowing what to do with feta cheese means all your meals from here on our will be the star of all your get togethers.

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Want to Know More About What to do With Feta?

Knowing how to use feta cheese will always come in handy, whether that be for events and/or sleepovers, or even for those times where you’re unsure about what to make for dinner, there’s always something incredible you can make with feta. At Fresco Cheese, we take pride in offer only high-quality and traditionally made feta, the perfect complementary ingredient for all your meals and desserts.

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